Ideation CAD Technician

CAD Technician

Ideation Design Group’s CAD Technician takes the lead on computer-aided design and drafting efforts while working in close conjunction with foodservice and interior design departments. In charge of coordinating the production of architectural drawings, maintaining project boxes and digital files, and preparing complete sets of construction documents needed for client projects, the CAD Technician holds a pivotal role in the firm’s day-to-day operations and maintains considerable knowledge of building codes, company standards and all aspects of the construction documentation process. 

Who You Are

The top team needs the top talent—is it you? Thorough. Meticulous. Technologically and design-inclined. Able to don multiple hats when need arises, whether that means stepping in and assuming the duties of Job Captains or ensuring that team efforts and design standards are commensurate with client expectations.  

If you work well with others, are well-versed in architecture, technology and building codes and the thought of missing a deadline makes your heart pound and palms sweat, we want to hear from you. 

Who We Are

We aren’t just designers. We are style strategists. 

Ideation Design Group’s food-service, interior design and architecture divisions have partnered with thousands of the world’s largest brands executing unique, awe-inspiring designs that not only excite gaze but inspire success. When you join the dream team at IDG you will be joining our highly trained award-winning team of taste-makers, client whisperers and creativity powerhouses. Whether it be making a 500 square foot space look twice the size or infusing bold brand elements in new and unique ways, you will be working alongside the industry’s top, stylish strategists who lead dream visions across the finish line. If you’re a fit your name could be the next etched onto our awards shelf.